Tanya Tarail, PT, MsT, CST

tanya-photo.jpgTanya Tarail, PT, MsT, CST is a physical therapist in private practice. She performs craniosacral, visceral manipulation and various fascial release techniques and has worked extensively with women who have had physical problems following childbirth. In addition to private practice, Tarail has served as staff therapist at the Upledger Institute and anatomy instructor at the IM School of Healing Arts and Institute of Physical Therapy in New York City. A graduate of Hunter College, Tarail went on to receive extensive training and certificates in a variety of healing techniques, including Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, Urogenital Manipulation, SomatoEmotional Release, Advanced Visceral Manipulation, Meditation and Massage Techniques, Acupressure, and Homeopathy, among others. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Eron, and daughter Teya.

Tanya’s Presentation:

Restoration Treating Adhesions

(part of the Healing from Birth Trauma Series)

Trauma to the abdomen and/or pelvic regions – the core of our balance and power – is a major contributor to a variety of subsequent health issues. Following cesarean surgery, episiotomies and/or instrumental deliveries, women may experience any number health problems, including back problems of any kind (which in the long run may become slipped or herniated discs); headaches, sinus problems and breathing difficulties; heartburn and heart problems; increase in blood pressure; gallstones; pinched nerves (anywhere); teeth and jaw problems; pelvic rotations; bowel and/or bladder problems; sexual dysfunction; joint problems and more. Adhesions (scar tissue) contract the entire body into itself. The ramifications can be very serious and are entirely preventable through proper treatment.Join us in a fascinating and unique presentation by Tanya Tarail, a physical therapist of more than 20 years who practices CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Urogenital Manipulation. Tanya has worked extensively with women following birth trauma; her specialty is scar tissue and trauma from any cause.

Tanya treats cesarean and episiotomy scars literally from the inside out. In addition to her physical therapy work, Tanya integrates Somato Emotional Release into her sessions, with an in-depth understanding that the emotional content of the trauma (how a woman feels about the birth, the scars, the after-effects such as sexual dysfunction, bowel/bladder changes, abdominal and pelvic weakness, etc.) can all be released along with the tension of the scar tissue.

* * *

I generally start a patient (if willing) on the table and have her share her story. I can get a lot of information by laying my hands on her as she shares with me. I can get a sense of where to begin unraveling the story that she has caught in her body and how her body reacts to it. This is generally done with a gentle touch. Many times a woman can’t handle having her scar touched at all. Sometimes I can talk with her until we work through it, many times I use alternate areas of the body to begin to loosen the scar. The scars that cause problems generally have adhesions/scar tissue attached to underlying or adjacent tissues such as the pelvic or abdominal organs, the spine and of course the surrounding soft tissues. As I loosen the adhesions, the scar begins to soften. Many times in the first session she will let me work on the scar, sometimes it can take 2-3 sessions. Many times I start with the epidural point of entry to take the pull out of the spine, then take the pull out of the pelvis and finally the scar. Other times I start at the respiratory diaphragm and work my way down. Every woman is different. I feel it’s important to work with a woman where she is and go from there.” ~ Tanya Tarail

* * *

This remarkable healer can identify what kind of birth a woman has had simply by the way she walks and carries her child. She can explain physiologically why women have breastfeeding difficulties and any number of conditions after cesarean surgery and/or instrumental deliveries. This program is not to be missed! It will benefit women on their healing journey and enlighten all practitioners who strive to assist them.

Of all the modalities I utilized in my healing quest, Tanya’s work was by far the most effective. For two and a half years after the cesarean surgery, every bowel movement felt like the worst of my labor contractions. Intercourse was so painful that my husband was unable to insert more than the tip of his penis into my vagina. This of course put a strain on my marriage, affected my ability to work and to be a parent, and was a major contributor to an extended state of PPD and PTSD that I experienced. Just a few treatments with Tanya restored my body to its pre-delivery state and enabled me to live without pain for the first time in years. Her work paved the way for all the extraordinary things and people that have come into my life since. ~ Raquel Lazar-Paley, Executive Director, Conscious Woman, Inc.

This program is 90 minutes in length.

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