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Tracking Your Personal Ovulation Pattern for Fertility

by Gail Dahl, http://web.mac.com/pregnancysecrets 


If you are wishing to conceive, it is important to locate the 8 days that you are fertile during the month. This can easily be done with information that allows you to locate your personal ovulation pattern.

When your cycle varies it is best to use different ways to locate your personal ovulation pattern. A resting temperature, first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor and using a calendar method to track your changing body temperature is one method, you are looking for a a dip and then an immediate rise in body temperature to signal the beginning of ovulation. Looking for body signals is one method, you will find that you may experience heightened sexual desire, increased discharge, clear instead of cloudy discharge, you may feel a slight pinching or slight cramping as your egg is released and begins to travel. Another method is to check your discharge on a daily basis, clear discharge equals fertility, if your discharge is cloudy you are not ovulating. It is possible to feel the ever changing positioning of your cervix to determine the exact days that your ovulation will be occurring. You can also purchase an ovulation kit to assist in determining your ovulation pattern for the first month or two. Your body will always give you signs of ovulation and fertility as you move through your cycle. Using a few of the methods together will help you to quickly track down your own personal ovulation pattern so that you can have control over your fertility for your entire reproductive life.

If your cycle is less than 28 days you may find that you ovulate during your period. That will make your most fertile days the 8 days including just before your period, during your period, and directly after your period.

If your cycle is exactly 28 days you will most likely begin to ovulate 14 days after the first day of your last period. So the 5 days before you ovulate and the three days of ovulation are your 8 fertile days.

If your cycle is more than 28 days you will most likely ovulate 12 to 16 days after the first day of your last period. You will be fertile for 8 days during your cycle. For 5 days before you ovulate, because sperm has a life of up to 5 days within you, and for the three days of ovulation for a total of 8 days.

Once you locate your own personal ovulation pattern, it will stay relatively consistent throughout your reproductive life. It is now time that women take control over their reproductive ability without the artificial hormones that can cause life altering changes to a woman’s body and her future fertility. This information must be distributed to every woman, especially to our teens who otherwise will be chained to years of hormonal birth control potentially causing unknown damage to their present health and their future fertility. We need to understand our bodies so that we can take back control of our fertility and our health.

The following excellent websites will give you more information about tracking your personal ovulation pattern. Toni Weschler at Ovusoft with Cycle Savvy and “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is known throughout the world as a leader in women’s health issues. If you have a daughter, please buy her a copy of Cycle Savvy, also by Toni, this is an amazing book for our teens and young women. Geraldine Matus at Justisse Healthworks has created a new guide, the Justisse Method for ovulation and fertility planning. She has also written a new book to help women overcome the side effects of long term hormonal birth control use. These two women are freeing women around the globe from expensive artificial hormones for birth control and they are showing women how to take control of their fertility naturally and drug free.

As you learn how to use your personal ovulation pattern to create pregnancy, you can also use your personal ovulation pattern to avoid pregnancy for your entire reproductive life. This is a gentle, drug-free way to have complete and total control of your fertility throughout your entire life. Your period and ovulation are important to your health as a woman and keeping track of your ovulation helps you to monitor the health of your entire body. Your body is perfect, just the way it is, all we need is a little information on how it so perfectly works.

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