Postdate Pregnancies: Personal Accounts

 “I have given birth to seven children. My first five were born in the hospital- one was a c-section; my other four were induced. Most were induced for postdates.With my sixth child I simply could not go back to the hospital to give birth again. All those inductions, and the cesarean, hurt me very deeply in ways; especially in how I had no confidence in my body to do its most basic female act- giving birth.

This self-doubt stayed with me for the pregnancy of my sixth child… but my midwife was very strong for me, and spoke with me about how many women actually do not give birth by the medical rule book; that just as all babies and children mature at different rates when outside the womb, so they do inside it. I struggled to believe her.

I was worried about my placenta deteriorating- not being able to nourish my baby. She said in over 700 births she had never seen a “bad” placenta because of postdates… she spoke of how she herself gave birth at 43 and 1/2 weeks to a beautiful, healthy baby at home.

Then, at 44 weeks pregnant, I gave birth in my own home to a big, beautiful healthy baby- then pushed out a big, healthy beautiful placenta afterwards.

Then I gave birth to my 7th child at home at 46 weeks pregnant; he weighed 12.6 pounds. My longest pregnancies produced my healthiest children, and smoothest births….”

– Leilah McCracken