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{pullquote}Attend an online workshop with Sarah J. Buckley, MD, entitled Gentle Birth: The Science and the Wisdom (Spring 2008){endpullquote}

{pullquote}Attend an online workshop with Gloria Lemay entitled Essentials of Maternal Infant Care{endpullquote}

Great Articles Online:



Birth Into Being: The Russian Waterbirth Experience (magnificent footage of waterbirths and women birthing at the Black Sea)

Check out the videos available on Suzanne Arms‘ website. 

A Clear Road to Birth (documentary on freebirth)

Psalm and Zoya: The Unassisted Homebirth of Our Twins, an outstanding birth video, includes footling breech delivery

Watch a film produced or available through Sage Femme Productions. For information about Sage Femme films, visit the Sage Femme homebirth videos website.  Here are three segments of their films:

William and Mary, a British television series about the relationship between a midwife and an undertaker (available on DVD)

The Business of Being Born, a new documentary produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein


I highly recommend reading this literature and viewing these videos, regardless of whether or not you are in favor of freebirth. These are among best resources available to build confidence in the body’s ability to work exactly as it should…

Childbirth Preparation

There is no childbirth preparation class that is perfect for everyone. Here is a guide, though, in helping you find a class that will truly prepare you for the birth of your child:

  • Look for classes that are offered independent of a particular birth setting. For example, a hospital childbirth class will only teach you about birthing in that hospital, what to expect, and how to be a cooperative, complacent patient.
  • You should emerge from your childbirth preparation class with the knowledge of how to handle a birth on your own. Even if you don’t plan to birth at home, you should know what to do if the baby comes fast (which can happen).
  • The emphasis should be on what choices are best for you, and MUST address your fears and emotional needs. If the class does not address nutrition, exercise and pain relief other than drugs, walk out.
  • If after reading the above, you still insist on some immediate guidance, check out Birthing From Within and The Bradley Method®. You might also wish to search for a local Hypnobirthing® instructor or class. Remember, different styles appeal to different people, and not all childbirth educators are created equal, so explore your options early and don’t hesitate to take more than one class if you have the time and the money. You will quickly be able to determine for yourself what is quality and what is not.
  • Check out The Pink Kit (The International Cesarean Awareness Network has the least expensive copies I could find online).

Systemic Issues

Pain in Labor / Painless, Drug-Free Childbirth

Informative, Accurate & Supportive Books and Other Resources

{pullquote}Attend a live workshop series with Sarah J. Buckley, M.D., entitled Gentle Birth: The Science and the Wisdom (Fall 2008){endpullquote}

{pullquote}Attend a live workshop series with Nancy Wainer, CPM, entitled A Childbirth Class For Strong Women And Women Who Want To Be Strong (Spring 2009){endpullquote}

Classic Childbirth Literature

The classics, including the trio that formed the basis of the natural childbirth movement: Spiritual Midwifery, Immaculate Deception, and the Cultural Warping of Childbirth.

In the News….

In the News – Labors Induced by Cytotec

Induction of labor tied to increased risk of Amniotic Fluid Embolism
Good information, although the conclusions – of course – remain inside the box.  How about eliminating routine labor inductions for starters?