Healing from Trauma (Resources to Help Children Heal)

The following is a list of recommended reading for helping children heal from traumatic experiences.  A special thank you to Conscious Woman presenter Stephanie Mines, Ph.D. for compiling this list.  To learn more directly from Dr. Mines, attend our Helping Children Find Resilience and Balance after Trauma online workshop!


Blechschmidt, Erich, The Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy, Berkeley, CA, North Atlantic Books, 2004.

Bowlby, John, Attachment, Loss, Separation (three volumes), London, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1982.

Chamberlain, David, Babies Remember Birth, Los Angeles, Tarcher, 1988.

Eliot, Lise, What’s Going On In There? – How The Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life, NY, Bantam, 1999.

Fitzpatrick, Jean Grasso, Once Upon A Family: Read-Aloud Stories and Activities that Nurture Healthy Kids, NY, Penguin, 1998.

Gerhardt, Sue, Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes A Baby’s Brain, NY, Routledge, 2004.

Hallowell, Edward, MD, Driven to Distraction, NY, Simon and Schuster, 1994.

Hallowell, Edward, MD, Answers to Distraction, NY, Bantam, 1994.

Hersch, Patricia, A Tribe Apart: A Journey Into the Heart of American Adolescence, NY, Ballantine, 1999.

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Mines, Stephanie, The Dreaming Child: How Children Can Help Themselves Recover from Illness and Injury, CO, The Dom Project, 2000.

Mines, Stephanie, We Are All in Shock: How Overwhelming Experience Shatters You and What You Can Do About It, NJ, New Pages, 2003.

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