Legal Ethics

Bell, Derrick, Ethical Ambition, Bloomsbury (2002).
Professor Derrick Bell, the first African-American tenured law professor at Harvard Law School, offers a personal reflection on achieving success while maintaining a life of integrity and purpose. He pursues six principles he deems significant to ethical success: passion, courage and risk taking, relationships, faith, inspiration and humility. In reflecting on the influences of these principles to his own journey, he offers a path for self-reflection and growth to the reader.

Jack, Rand and Jack, Dana Crowley, Moral Vision and Professional Decisions: The Changing Values of Women and Men Lawyers, Cambridge University Press, New York, NY (1989).
Through interviews with 36 attorneys, the authors have explored the thinking patterns of moral thought among women and men attorneys.

Linowitz, Sol, The Betrayed Profession: Lawyering at the End of the Twentieth Century, Harvard University Press (1998).
Linowitz, an elder statesman and former U.S. Ambassador, assesses the state of the legal profession and encourages lawyers to look to the roots and history of the profession. He suggests the lawyer has bartered away his independence and it is time to say “NO” to clients when the course of action requested is morally or ethically questionable.