Transforming the Legal Profession & the Legal System

Glendon, Mary Ann, A Nation Under Lawyers: How the Crisis in the Legal Profession is Transforming American Society. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA (1994).
This book takes the reader into the late twentieth-century legal world. The author views the legal profession as a profession in turbulence. She gives her frank evaluation of the people and ideas that are transforming the law-dependent culture.

Katz, Roberta, Justice Matters: Rescuing the Legal System for the 21st Century. Discovery Institute, Seattle WA (1997).
The author brings to her writing experience from both anthropology and law. She encourages fundamental rethinking of the adversarial process, asks basic questions about the American Legal System and makes suggestions for improvement.

Sells, Benjamin, The Soul of the Law: Understanding Lawyers and the Law. Element Books, Rockport, MA (1994).
This lawyer/psychotherapist author focuses on the stresses in society as reflected in lawyers’ experiences. He offers insight on how one can enrich life by bringing ideals and passion back into the legal profession.