Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.Jeanne Ohm, D.C. is a practicing chiropractor in a family, wellness based practice since 1981. She is the Executive Coordinator and Executive Secretary for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Editor of the I.C.P.A.’s quarterly magazine: Pathways. She is also a Board Member of the I.C.P.A.- Research and Public Education Foundation, the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice, and the Holistic Pediatric Association. She is an advisory board member for the Foundation for Health Choice, Healthy Child, and Families for Natural Living. Jeanne is an international lecturer on the topic “Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy and Infancy” to practicing Chiropractors and affiliated Care Providers, a post Graduate Instructor for numerous Chiropractic Colleges, and author of many papers on pregnancy, birth, children and chiropractic. She is the Founder of Makin’ Miracles…Connecting Kid’s n’ Chiropractic, community outreach programs and tools to educate children and adults about the life saving benefits of chiropractic. She is the producer and writer of the children’s chiropractic song, “Power On!” and educational video, “Birth Trauma: A Modern Epidemic”.  Jeanne is a panel member of Mothering Magazine’s Ask the Expert.

Jeanne’s professional mission is to provide Doctors of Chiropractic with the skills and motivation to care for more pregnant mothers and children. She is comitted to educating other practitioners with the information to support natural birthing in their practices. It is her understanding that birth trauma is a current concern, and therefore it has become her goal to eliminate its damaging effects on the newborn. She intends to accomplish this by adequately training DC’s in specific chiropractic techniques and care for pregnancy, birth & infancy for the promotion of natural birthing; forming national alliances for chiropractors with like-minded birth practitioners and attendants; empowering mothers to make informed choices in pregnancy and birth; and offering patient educational tools which address this issue. Jeanne married to Dr. Thomas Ohm, Chiropractor. They have six children who have all received chiropractic care since conception. They were all born at home and are living drug free, healthy lives.

Jeanne’s Presentation:

Pelvic Balance for Safer and Easier Births

The appalling rise in unnecessary c-sections needs our attention with practical solutions to avoid them! Providers who care for pregnant women must be aware of the potential causes of dystocia – the reason nearly one-third of cesarean surgeries. Knowledge of dystocia and practical ways to prevent it gives care providers the resources and means to serve pregnant women more effectively and gives women the knowledge and tools to have easier and safer births.

In this workshop, Dr. Jeanne Ohm of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association presents the three primary causes of dystocia: physiological, emotional and medical, and their relationship to interventions and birth trauma. In addition to offering a biomechanical overview of the female pelvis, Dr. Ohm discusses the following:

  • What are three interventions that may cause dystocia?
  • What are the primary ligaments associated with pelvic imbalance?
  • What is the Webster technique and when should it be utilized?
  • What are two practical moves that all practitioners can apply to the woman with dystocia?

In today’s society, women have been misdirected from their internal wisdom and have been made dependent on outside-in approaches and modalities. Women will regain their innate trust in the birthing process if they have the benefit of a circle of supportive, conscious providers. This class is for women and for providers who care for women throughout pregnancy and birth.

This presentation is 90 minutes in length.

Cost: $7.50

Continuing Education Units available for some professionals.  Certificate of Completion (optional) : $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).  Click here for more information.

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