Lessons of Circumcision & Effective Communication

Circumcision is offered as an option to virtually every mother of a male child born in an American hospital. This parental decision can have unrecognized immediate and long-term consequences on the health of the child and parent.  The lessons of circumcision are many; they remind us of our core values and are applicable to other areas of life. These lessons involve the powerful impact of early infant experience, cultural values, the limitations of science, intellect vs. instinct, and how to make important childcare decisions.

It is essential that health care providers have accurate, current circumcision information and communicate it appropriately and effectively.  It is also important for prospective parents to be able to communicate with their partners effectively.  Because circumcision is an emotional topic, health care providers and parents need not only the facts but also the skills to talk about it in a sensitive way.  The second presentation in Part II of our Intact Boy series.
This session is 90 minutes in length.Cost: $7.50

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

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