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Image of the InternetJoin Internet Marketing Expert Laureen Hudson in an ongoing series for those looking to bring traffic to their sites, get their name out, enhance their online presence, and understand the goings-on in cyberspace.

Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Cost: $7.50 per session.

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

Continuing Education Units are available for some professional groups. To view a listing of CEU opportunities, click here.

A Guided Tour to Online Communities
What’s the internet?  What are online communities? Why do we care?

Fundamental human behavior does not change over time; we are the same human beings, with the same basic needs, that we have always been. We want to come together, to share human experience. But because we’re scattered, isolated, and no longer in supportive extended-family groups, the Internet has become our tribe.

In this session, Laureen Hudson covers the basics, and gives you a firm grounding in the realities of the internet; what it is, what it isn’t, where it came from, where it’s going, and the needs it serves. She then moves on to online communities, explaining why they exist, some of the controversies with them and advantages to them. We then take a tour around the major offerings such as Blogs, Internet Groups (yahoo, google, etc.), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tribe, Discussion Forums , and discuss why you might or might not want to participate – all with an eye towards advocacy and building your business base.

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Creating An Online Presence
What is identity? What is reputation? How do you use them in creating your presence?

Now that you know what online communities are, let’s explore the fundamentals of social networking. It’s not enough to just have accounts everywhere; you need to have a voice that is unique to you, that gives value to your readers. The way you present yourself online can serve as a sterling reference or as a shocking warning, depending on how you do it.  Let go beyond old school marketing and give some real thought to how you want to represent yourself, using your voice and authenticity as currency.

Once you have your identity set up, the next step is audience.  Setting up a profile isn’t enough – you need to engage commitment and participation.  Who needs to hear what you have to say? How can you make sure they’re hearing you?  In this session, Laureen demonstrates how this is all connected, how to identify yourself online, and how to build an audience through traffic, feed readers, trackback etiquette, search, signature files and blog carnivals.

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Create Your Blog
Social Networking sites like Facebook are the parking lots in the driver’s ed of online communities. Once you’ve figured out how to operate there, you’re ready to start venturing out on your own, and you do that by blogging. This session focuses on blogging platforms (e.g., Blogger, WordPress, Typepad) pros, cons and tips, what belongs in the right and left columns, how to write a good post (length, voice, referencing), and how to track “good” once you get there (through Google Analytics, Feedburner, etc.).

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One of the most misunderstood aspects of the internet, search functionality is far from constant; it’s an ever-changing panoply of theory, algorithm, and magic. But rather than spend our time brushing up on our applied mathematics skills, this session focuses on terminology and how to use that to explore the really meaty bits of search, including SEO, metatagging, and web gardening. We use a case study to explore how all this really works, and then finish with an examination of strategies for following your own growth in the search rankings.

At the end of this session, you’ll understand how search engines work , web gardening, mighty metatagging, pinging services, search engine optimization, how to keep up with this stuff and more.  A case study will be featured on Dr. Amy, and how we shoot ourselves in the collective feet by visiting and commenting on her website.

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Conscious Activism

Over the years, many activist templates have been developed in successful campaigns to influence social policy and public opinion. One of the most successful templates has been developed and utilized by James S. Turner, Esq. , one of the original Nader’s Raiders and author of The Chemical Feast: The Nader Report on Food Protection at the Food and Drug Administration (1970) , an example of the template, and Making Your Own Baby Food (1977), an integrated muckraking and activist self-help book for parents that draws on the template. The many successes that Jim has been involved in include passage of the Organic Food Protection Act of 1990, a four-year campaign on the dangers of artificial sweeteners (Nutrasweet, Saccharin, Aspartame, and Splenda), and the campaign to block Swine Flu vaccination (1976). He also led the legal and scientific team that persuaded the FDA to reclassify acupuncture needles as safe and effective for legal U.S. importation and distribution (1996).

Learn to recognize the habitual structures in society which limit our ability to be effective, and the additional structures – often, if not usually overlooked -which enhance and empower effectiveness if you are congruent with their bedrock reality.  Explore the basis of and learn to use this activist template, the backbone of successful campaigns that resulted in intentional, positive social change.

The focus of this program is on the following:

  • How the habitual cultural structures have blocked marginalized groups from success over the years.
  • Five examples of how this process has been successfully applied and five campaigns that are currently facing similar challenges.
  • How you are grounded in conscious activism and how conscious activism is grounded in you.
  • Turning minority opinions into majority actions.
  • Practice, theory, strategies and tactics for: (1) the strong, adaptable and open-minded realist; (2) the stressed, burnt-out and overworked idealist and (3) the conscious pragmatist who skillfully integrates realism and idealism.
  • Introduction to a new modality for strategic planning that has been utilized in successful political campaigns and by others in need of identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses.

This program was originally offered as a 2.5 hour, invitation-only, highly-interactive online workshop for serious childbirth activists.   It has been cropped, but not fully edited, in order for observers to get the greatest benefit of Jim’s Turner’s workshop style.

Cost: $15.00

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

Continuing Education Units are available for some professional groups. To view a listing of CEU opportunities, click here.


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Email us at if you and/or your organization have an issue that you would like to have addressed using this approach.  A minimum of 15 participants is required to run this workshop live.