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We are currently recording the following podcasts, which will be made available to the public in 2019:

Conscious Activism, with Consumer Attorney Jim Turner (Spring 2019)

Over the past decade or more, we have witnessed a growing political divide in many places throughout the world that has resulted in the entrenchment of political views and a decline in the effectiveness of government. The result is that people have lost faith in our societal systems, including our health system, education system, and national security, to name a few. Many people are asking: What can we do about this?

This podcast series with Jim Turner, consumer attorney, co-founder of the Transpartisan Review, and former Nader’s Raider, is aimed at providing activists and social justice lawyers from both sides of the political spectrum with a fresh perspective and tools to achieve the vibrant democracy we all seek.

Pandora’s Jar, with Attorneys Raquel Lazar-Paley and Laura Possessky (Summer 2019)

Podcast series on legal and political issues affecting women, feminism, and societal attitudes towards women.

The Conscious Lawyer, with hosts Raquel Lazar-Paley and Laura Possessky (Fall 2019)

Podcast series on lawyers building a better world through intentionality and purpose, with guest attorneys telling their stories and showing us how they have developed their transformative law practices.


New initiatives and trends in the law are developing and a movement is taking root that is finding its place within the traditional legal model. These changes reflect individual and societal needs as well as the personal needs of legal professionals. Contrary to common perceptions, lawyers who are identifying and utilizing these trends effectively are engaging in careers that are profitable and personally fulfilling.  This series, entitled “Law as a Healing Profession,” is an introductory course on emerging trends in the legal profession.

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The Innate Intelligence of the Body Politic, with James S.Turner, Esq.

The Body Politic is the system and framework of communities engaging in the public expression of private preferences, interests, desires and objectives. Innate Intelligence is a term most commonly used by alternative health care providers to describe the body’s ability to maintain its own health without outside interference.  This program, the inaugural presentation of Conscious Lawyer, is grounded in the assertion that there is an Innate Intelligence to the Body Politic like the innate intelligence of the physiology of the body, that allows it to maintain its own balance and resolve its own problems — and that a democratic legal system is how that innate intelligence expresses itself. According to this analysis, there is a natural, regulating system in The Body Politic which is analogous to the healing systems inherent in the human body. When we deviate from the underlying logic of a sound system, the result is the creation of distortions and, in turn, reactions that will attempt to put the system back into balance.

Using the current health care system and emerging alternatives as an example, original Nader’s Raider James S. Turner discusses how the law serves as an expression of the self-balancing impulse in a community’s relationship with its core reality. In this two-part presentation consisting of 90 minutes each, Mr. Turner presents his view of how the American Experiment (as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights), and the unfolding ebb and flow of American energy from the time of the Founding to the present, mirror natural health concepts. He then suggests that understanding and applying these concepts can enable lawyers to contribute to healing current social dislocations. Mr. Turner discusses the underlying logic of this analysis and how the balancing mechanisms of the legal system work most effectively when they are congruent with the bedrock revealed by natural logic. Mr. Turner concludes with an introduction to the concepts of Holistic Law, Law as a Healing Profession, and Integral Law, providing guidance to lawyers who practice or who might desire to practice in these ways how to work most effectively to create sustainable, positive changes in the legal system and in society as a whole.

Mindful Practice: Sustainable Practice, with Stella Rabaut, Esq.

These thought-provoking sessions featuring Stella Rabaut, attorney, law professor and retreat designer,  consider the current state of the legal profession and explore conceptual and practical shifts that are occurring. In addition to competence and competition, additional abilities are essential in the modern practice of law. Specific, supplemental skills are being called for in 21st century lawyering. These skills add to those taught, practiced and rewarded in previous decades.

These presentations explore the contemporary needs of lawyers through the following questions:

  • Is being conscious a foundational requirement for effective lawyering?
  • How does “emotional intelligence” factor into the practice of law?
  • Is altruism possible in the practice of law?
  • Does the practice of law call for the tempering of a caring ethic?
  • As counselor-at-law, can we find ways to guide, coach and tap into the inner wisdom of our clients? How can a lawyer be mindful of the larger implications of their cases and the importance of sustaining connections and relationships?

These presentations also explore the role of creativity in lawyering, whether collaboration is optional or essential in a modern law practice and whether we really have the courage to make a difference. A fascinating program for the conscious lawyer who is striving to be more self-aware, listen deeply to their clients, and become personally fulfilled in their mindful, sustainable practice.

Conscious Lawyer in the Trenches, with Michael McCormack, Esq.

More than any other part of our culture, our legal system depends on crafting a certainty or order drawn from the past. This culture – anchored in precedent, history and habit – appears to be an immovable object. Yet the accelerated rate of change in technology, science, business and social demographics is an unstoppable force requiring adaptation and novelty. How do lawyers reconcile their unique position in this dynamic?

“Conscious Lawyer in the Trenches” explores our role as purported stewards of legal rights and responsibilities during these times of heightened creative tensions that are rippling through so many layers of culture. Join Michael McCormack, former commercial litigator turned holistic lawyer-in-the-making, in this two-part workshop which features honest, probing discussion of the following questions:

  • What do conscious lawyers do that distinguishes or defines their practice?
  • What resources does one develop and draw from as a conscious lawyer?
  • How does one build and maintain a conscious law practice?
  • How is conscious lawyering useful and efficient?
  • How can we nurture ourselves, our clients, and our practices while working daily in a legal system that gives mere lip service to the values of conscious lawyering… without losing our shirts, or worse?

These workshops explore the treasures and the tests, the tools and the traps that arise in a conscious lawyer’s practice day to day. Obtain ideas about how to build a conscious law practice from the inside out, with the intent of making a conscious legal system more than something to believe in, but also something to experience.

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