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Conscious Parent is a line of programming presented by Conscious Woman to educate families on a variety of health topics relating to childrens’ health, growth and development. In addition to the extensive listings of print and online resources available in the resources section of this website on children’s books, circumcisionparenting/child care, schools, and vaccination, check out our fabulous offerings of online presentations and join us in our quest to become truly enlightened parents!

The Intact Boy
Medicalized (non-religious) circumcision, an invention of English-speaking physicians, is in steep decline everywhere in the world — except for the United States. Join Marilyn Milos, RN; Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.; Gillian Longley, RN, BSN; and Miriam Pollack in a critical examination of the practice of infant male circumcision in North America.

Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask
The issue of childhood vaccinations is quickly becoming “the” health issue of the 21st century. As the number of children with autism, juvenile diabetes, allergies, asthma, learning disorders, ADD/ADHD and other chronic illnesses reaches epidemic proportions, parents (and scientists) are becoming increasingly concerned and critical of childhood vaccination. Members of the general public are asking questions that need answers. This three-part series, led by Tedd Koren, D.C., explores some of the basic vaccination questions drawing from a wide variety of sources based on empirical clinical findings, U.S. government reports and articles published in biomedical journals – among others.

Helping Children Find Resilience and Balance After Trauma
The key to helping children find resilience and balance after trauma is to help them as soon as possible after the trauma or nervous system overload occurs. This supports them to not get stuck in compensatory behaviors. This presentation by Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., founder of the TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma, focuses on teaching language and energy medicine that can be used immediately and safely by parents and care providers.

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