From Victim to Healer: Patricia Robinett

Patricia Robinett, a native of Kansas, spent decades independently studying the mind and emotions, reading world scriptures and meditating; leading classes, workshops and support groups, volunteering as a crisis counselor, and operating a private hypnotherapy practice in Eugene, Oregon.  She now writes and owns a publishing company.

Ten years ago, in a friendly conversation with an authority on PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), Patricia began to wonder if circumcision had an effect on cognitive and psychological development.  She immediately began working on the Internet and in public forums, researching the effects of circumcision on children and the adults they become.  She learned that circumcision has been associated with long-term neurobehavioral effects (see Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. at

The Rape of Innocence
After two years of study, Patricia was surprised to find that she had herself been circumcised as a young girl.  With this puzzle piece in place, she breathed in relief — she could at last solve inscrutable personal mysteries and apply what she had learned about healing to her own very old wounds.  Aesculapius Press was born to give voice to disenfranchised inner children.

Aesculapius, the ancient Greek god of healing, pioneered the use of simple, natural remedies and the compassionate treatment of mentaldistress. For that reason, Homer called Aesculapius “the blameless physician.” Aescalapius carried a thick, rough-hewn cypress branch entwined by a single snake. The cypress symbolizes life after death and comfort in grief. The snake signifies transformation.

Patricia’s book The Rape of Innocence — One Woman’s Story of Female Genital Mutilation in the USA (2006) dropped a bomb.  Few knew that until 1977 Blue Cross Blue Shield covered clitoridectomies.  Clitoridectomy used to be big business in the USA… then it was episiotomy and now hysterectomy and Cesarean sections.  “America has its own forms of female genital mutilation”, she says.

Since 2006, Patricia has heard from, heard about, and met in person other seemingly ordinary, yet deeply traumatized American women who were also circumcised as children and young adults.  Add to that, a majority of American Christian, Jewish and Muslim males who have been traumatized by genital cutting as newborns.  “Much healing is needed… of individuals, families and societies.”

As the Waters Cover the Sea
Aesculapius Press is now preparing a series of three books with accompanying tapes – primarily compilations of ancient world scriptures – designed to be “the ultimate antidote to trauma of every description”.  Book one, As the Waters Cover the Sea, establishes a case for the existence of an unspeakably beautiful, universal experience within us that leads us individually to realize that we are not separate, vulnerable, mortal, physical bodies and fragile personalities, but part of a majestic, unified power.  Book two, For the Earth Shall Be Full includes Patricia’s story, gently introduces physics to metaphysics, and helps its readers prepare for their rich inner birthright.  Book three, In All My Holy Mountain, is a “how to” book, coaching readers in the release of trauma, tension and fear that block awareness of the subtle, inner reality (to be released in the Fall of 2008).

From Victim to Healer
“My life,” she says, “is all about healing.”  “I have much gratitude for the way my life guided me to plumb the depths of life.  I love to know that my own work is able to provide value to others.”

Minds mend.  Bodies heal.  Lives improve.

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