Healthy Solutions to Harmful Ingredients in Everyday Products

According to the Poison Control Center, there are more than two million reported cases of exposure to poisonous substances annually. Household cleaning products are the number one source, analgesics (primarily acetaminophen) are number two, and the number three cause is personal care products – including cosmetics – at more than 200,000 extreme cases per year. Household and personal care products together are responsible for more than five times the number reported from pesticides.

While news headlines screaming about bisphenol A in toys, bottles, dishes and other baby products have us all scrambling for safer products, the problem is far more widespread. Now there’s more evidence than ever that chemical poisons in cosmetics, personal care, and household products are affecting us more than we suspect.

You have a right to know what’s in your products in order to help yourself, your family and the next generation. It’s time to engage a new mindset about what you purchase for use on your body and in your home. You can create a ToxicFree® household and avoid exposure to many chemicals that cause mental, emotional and physical stress.

Join Linda Chaé, President and Executive Director of Chaé Organics, prominent researcher, formulator, educator, and consumer advocate, in a discussion on how you can make a difference in your health, in your home and in the world. There are more options available now than years past for each of us to take the path to prevent crisis within our bodies and on our planet.

This course presents solutions and empowers you to make healthy choices:

  • Learn ways to avoid cancer, arthritis, hormone imbalance, memory loss, and extremes of depression and anger
  • Obtain a list of some of the most dangerous toxins that are found in everyday products
  • Gain knowledge about the impacts of toxins on the health of you and your family
  • Avoid unnecessary chemical risks during pregnancy and nursing
  • Learn how to find alternatives and learn to request safe, healthy products for your family … including your pets

The more people that are proactive, the more we can help the health and wellbeing of the next generation. Your awareness and your voice about synthetic chemicals, xeno-estrogens, carcinogens and other harmful ingredients in personal and skin care products can make a significant impact.

This presentation promises to be eye opening, engaging and fun.

(Fall 2008)

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  1. Wendy Fisher says:

    I would love to read more and change areas of my life that are toxic. Thank you. Wendy

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