Essentials of Maternal-Infant Care

425pregnant.jpgJoin Gloria Lemay, celebrated traditional birth attendant and childbirth educator, in a series of 12 online programs for professionals and students who wish to expand their knowledge and skills, and delve into issues that arise repeatedly in clinical practice. This series is also valuable for parents who want to be fully informed about their choices in pregnancy and birth.

Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Cost: $7.50 per presentation.

Certificates of Completion: $7.50 per session  (completion of post-session questionnaire required).  


Gloria’s twelve online workshops cover the following topics:

Nutrition for Two. Women want to feed themselves and their babies in utero well, and they often make lifestyle changes in pregnancy that they would not have the discipline to make if they were not pregnant. This presentation focuses on how to help women achieve excellent nutrition through fun, inspiring and effective coaching.


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The Well Woman Check Up.  What is the experienced care provider looking for when she’s doing those urine strips, palpating the uterus and taking blood pressure/pulse? This presentation dissects the prenatal checkup and explores the rationale behind each routine test.


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Prenatal Diagnostic Tests. As the number of possible prenatal tests continues to climb, care providers must be able to discern which ones will lead to productive action and which ones will only worry and detract from the woman’s pregnancy experience. This presentation enables participants to better advocate for their clients by articulating which prenatal diagnostic tests are reasonable, and which tests can cause more harm than good.


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Medical Terminology. The keys to the obstetric kingdom lie in the language. Learning medical prefixes, suffixes and root words will give you the tools to interpret the language. You’ll be able to use extra long, impressive words like “neurofibromatosis” in no time, and have fun doing it!


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Induction of Birth. If only one change happened in North America – the end of 41 week inductions – the cesarean rate would immediately drop. This workshop will explore the history, the misinformation campaign, and the tools needed to end the routine practice of labor inductions.


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Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension. Most prenatal care is designed to identify the small number of pregnant women who will develop Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension. This condition can be prevented and treated. In this workshop, we will discuss how the diagnosis is made, how to identify the symptoms in the early stages, and which clients are at risk.


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Gestational Diabetes. Because gestational diabetes can be deadly, it is critical that care providers understand it, and know which women are at risk. This workshop will provide valuable insight and information about how to screen for and help prevent this condition.


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Herpes Simplex II. One in five North American adults has Herpes Simplex II. After attending this workshop, care providers will know how to care for women with this condition, assuring that every woman they care for is healthy and lesion-free on the day of birth.


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Water Birth & Lotus Birth. The most exciting ideas in obstetrics come from the women themselves. Water Birth and Lotus Birth are grass roots innovations that have endured for decades. When your clients have questions about these practices, you’ll be ready with answers that address the safety and beauty of these birth innovations.


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Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC). The VBAC client will have emotions and fears about giving birth that are justifiably heightened. She and her partner will require more time and patience than your other clients. This workshop will focus on advanced planning techniques for changing psychological patterns in the mother and father, and tips for avoiding pitfalls and safely supporting families through this most satisfying and empowering of childbirth experiences.


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Pediatric Exam of the Newborn. Knowing what the midwife or pediatrician is looking for in the examination of a newborn will enhance your ability to assist with the care of the baby after the immediate post partum period. In this workshop, you will learn to distinguish between normal parental concerns, (e.g., “Is it normal for the baby to turn bright red?”) and signs that the baby should be seen in a hospital emergency ward (e.g., “The baby isn’t feeding and seems lethargic”).


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Business Promotion and Professionalism. Prosperity and business responsibility are matters of integrity. Let’s marry your spiritual calling with the practical reality of paying bills and building a business. This workshop is a realistic and practical guide to the entrepreneurial side of caring for others.  Although the focus will be on the birth business, this ideas raised in this session will be applicable to all care providers.


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Prenatal Diagnostic Tests

As the number of possible prenatal tests continues to climb, care providers must be able to discern which ones will lead to productive action and which ones will only worry and detract from the woman’s pregnancy experience.  This program enables participants to better advocate for clients by articulating which prenatal tests are reasonable, and which tests can cause more harm than good.

One of Gloria Lemay’s twelve Essentials of Maternal-Infant Care presentations for professionals and students who wish to expand their knowledge and skills, and delve into issues that arise repeatedly in clinical practice. This series is also valuable for parents who want to be fully informed about their choices in pregnancy and birth.

This session is 90 minutes in length.

Cost: $7.50

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

Continuing Education Units are available for some professional groups.  To view a listing of CEU opportunities, click here.

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Kathy Welter-Nichols, CHT, HBCE

Kathy Welter-Nichols, CHT, HBCE, is a Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, & Licensed Trainer of NLP.  Design Human Engineering (DHE) Specialist, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, and Certified Doula and IEMT practitioner. Profoundly focused on taking women back into their personal place of power, Kathy is the co-owner of Thought Models, Ways of the Wise Woman  & Just Be Well Canada. Her recent programs include “Bulimia Breakthrough” a three day intervention for women suffering from Eating Disorders.  She is the co-creator of Shaman Inside, and Mastery of Deep Trance States ® programs for individuals seeking to know themselves at the deepest levels. These programs are available in the UK, Italy, Peru as well as in Canada. She has received the Volunteer of the Year Award – Spirit of Community for her contributions to her community in selfless giving to those experiencing life threatening illness.

Kathy’s writings include:  Bulimia Breakthrough; Soul Maps the Overlay of Consciousness; Shaman Inside;  Mastery of Deep Trance States® ; My Birth, My Way;  Meditation, the Way of Effortless. In addition, Kathy has an extensive number of CD’s & MP3’s for personal improvement, birth preparation, increasing self esteem, reducing stress, and targeting specific issues like smoking, habits and OCD.

Kathy’s attends her births as labour support and uses NLP and Hypnosis to assist mothers in preparation for birth and during birth – advancing mothers into states that enable them to go beyond their belief maps; their own internal fears are set aside and they experience birth and themselves in an entirely new way. Doctors and midwives alike have remarked on Kathy’s skill and calming presence in the birthing room assisting mothers and fathers to create remarkable birth experiences.

In addition to training couples in hypnobirthing, Kathy offers programs for VBAC moms and for those experiencing postpartum depression. She sees clients one on one in Vancouver, and has an active practice providing treatment for a variety of issues that are easily resolved in 3-4 sessions.  She lives and works with her husband Harry Nichols in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. They have two children and three granddaughters!

All training dates are available on :,

To contact Kathy:,  1.604.421.1722;  SKYPE, or on the websites

Kathy’s Presentations:

NLP: A Birth Model for Change

The current model of birth is as deep a belief structure as the structure of our very nature. Trusting your body, trusting your mind and trusting your baby are entirely new concepts in the birthing world today. Making changes at this very core level takes skill and dedication.

In this two-part workshop series, Kathy Welter-Nichols introduces participants to a number of new technologies and science models that support gentle birthing practices, and explain why fear is so deeply enhanced through suggestion during birth.

In these two experiential online workshops, Kathy:

  • Reviews the effects of adrenaline and stress hormones and how these triggered responses are the foundation for the setting and seeding of misdirection during birth through the simple use of language; she also explains the use of language as a positive influence on a mother’s sense of well- being and the resultant effect on the brain’s chemistry.
  • Demonstrates how fear and the suggestion of something going wrong interrupt the limbic brain function; and when the limbic brain function is clouded or in retreat, how the fight or flight responses in the reptilian brain take over and slow and delay labor.
  • Presents the latest evidence from leading scientists and biologists that support a change in the brain chemistry, and how this will change the person’s belief about that experience.
  • Explains why women fall captive to the idea of pain and suffering and loss through mere suggestion during the intense experience of pregnancy and labor.
  • Examines the affect of positive suggestion, and how helping a woman remain calm, focused, relaxed and in touch with her body and her baby, encourages the natural responses in the woman’s body to release her infant in shorter times with less intense discomfort.
  • Shows how by utilizing the concepts of “mirror neurons” to connect with the infant, the mother both participates and guides her infant through the birthing process.
  • Teaches care providers, mothers and fathers to release whatever might be blocking them from achieving their birth experience, their way.

Listen to Kathy Welter-Nichols’ NLP Beach Induction in mp3!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) refers to language (words, as well as other symbol systems, such as physical posture, gestures and related non-verbal forms of communication) as a function of the nervous system and its transformation into ‘subjective experience’. Put more simply, it focuses on the way we use our five senses to create an internal map of our reality, which we then use to navigate our way through the world. It is a basic premise of NLP that the quality of our ‘maps’ dictates the quality of our lives.

The findings of this workshop series are based in the training Kathy has provided for women and in her own in depth study of the triune brain system, archetypal studies, and the myths of our feminine and masculine that are playing out today in the birthing dramas we see on television and in the labor rooms in hospitals and birthing centers.

Midwives, nurses, obstetricians and parents that Kathy has birthed with have seen the difference and remarked at the presence of the mother, the control she has during the birth experience and ultimately the incredible bonds that occur with both mother and infant un-medicated through relatively short labors. Science as the partner in birth takes on a whole new relevance in support of this model for change.

Time after time, mothers under this kind of guidance give birth with success and empowerment. If these techniques are that effective, why aren’t more women choosing this path to birth?

This is a 3-hour prerecorded program.

Cost: $15.00

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

Continuing Education Units are available for some professional groups.  To view a listing of CEU opportunities, click here.

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Eileen Sullivan


Eileen Sullivan has served women and families in the childbearing year for over two decades, as a childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, and breastfeeding educator. Trained as a doula by a traditional midwife, Eileen is an independent scholar who has also received training through DONA, the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth, and Birthing From Within. Since she began apprenticing with birth in 1987, she has mentored countless families, as well as birth and postpartum doulas, aspiring midwives, breastfeeding counselors and childbirth educators. Eileen is a retired La Leche League leader, was an ICAN group leader, and served as the NC State Representative for CAPPA from 2001-2005. Ms. Sullivan currently acts as a mentor to new doulas through her local doula group, and is a holistic doula trainer and faculty member of The House of La Matrona in Asheville, NC.

Eileen began studying EFT, along with other meridian-based modalities, in 2001 and she has utilized the Emotional Freedom Techniques as a primary modality since 2004. She holds EFT-CC (Basic) and EFT-ADV (Advanced) practitioner certificates, and is actively pursuing additional certification through the World Center for EFT. An ordained minister, Ms. Sullivan provides EFT to clients in her area through individual office visits and group sessions, and works with clients and groups throughout the U.S. and Canada by phone. Eileen is also an instructor of EFT workshops for lay people, birth professionals, and therapists. Eileen specializes in EFT for women’s issues, including the use of EFT for infertility, the childbearing year, VBAC preparation, birth trauma and PTSD, sexual abuse and sexual health concerns.

Eileen’s practice is in Charlotte, NC, where she lives with her husband of 26 years and three of their four children.

Eileen’s Website

Eileen’s Presentations
Moving from Pain to Peace with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) part of the Healing from Birth Trauma Series

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful and effective tool for resolving trauma and promoting healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This unique form of “psychological acupuncture” uses the ancient Chinese meridian system – the energetic pathways in the body – to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain.  By tapping on meridian release points on the face and body, the body’s energy system is balanced and emotional conflicts are neutralized at their source.Mrs. Sullivan has used this modality for many years to successfully facilitate the resolution of birth trauma, and for VBAC preparation.  In this program, she demonstrates the use of EFT specifically for birth trauma.  This program is appropriate for birth practitioners, counselors/therapists, and women who have experienced a traumatic birth, and focuses on the following:

  • Learning to recognize birth trauma and its causes.
  • The foundations of EFT, including how our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies.
  • The short-cut EFT tapping procedure and some basic trouble-shooting, so that even beginners can achieve great results.
  • Important things to remember when working with mothers experiencing birth trauma.

…I ended up needing a crash cesarean section and did not have an epidural at the time, so they tried a general anesthetic.  I blacked out at first but when the OB began to cut into my belly, I remember everything from then on.  I was later diagnosed with PTSD.  The regimen for recovery was medication that made me even more tired and less reactive.  [Pregnant again], I was so scared of another c section, the thought made it hard for me to breathe.  I was having flashbacks and panic attacks so often I was afraid I would cause myself to miscarry. I found Eileen through my doula.  Our session began with us talking a bit about why I was there.  Even today I remember how difficult it was for me to tell my story.  It was something I was unable to speak of without bursting into tears.  We spent two and a half hours “tapping.”  I remember after a few rounds of EFT, I could actually visualize some of the birth without going into a severe panic attack.  I felt relief, as though a huge weight was being lifted off of me.  When we were done, I could breathe.  I could move past this tragedy and feel.  I could break down this ten inch titanium wall that sat between me and my son, and allow a bond to occur.  I had never felt so free… After our session I went back to my doula’s house to pick up my son and when I walked in the door, he ran to me!  As though he just knew something was different.  On any other day he would not run to me to be held.  I was in shock, but so very happy! I used EFT to resolve some other issues during the pregnancy, and my doula even used it with me during my labor.   I had a successful VBAC and I still use EFT to this day.
–  Chelle Clas (To read Chelle’s story in its entirety, click here)

EFT was originally developed to reduce the therapy process from months or years down to hours or even minutes.  Early practitioners noted that as emotional problems faded, physical health and personal performance also improved, sometimes dramatically.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is a tool that is gaining popularity, and is the subject of a growing number of scientific studies.  For more information on EFT, visit Eileen’s website and the World Center for EFT website.

PLEASE NOTE: During the recording, you may hear mention of Part II of the program, which was a practical session for participants and is not being offered for viewing due to confidentiality concerns.

This program is 90 minutes in length.

Cost: $7.50

Certificate of Completion: $7.50 (completion of post-session questionnaire required).

Continuing Education Units are available for some professional groups. To view a listing of CEU opportunities, click here.




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* Disclaimer:  This is not a certifying program in the practice and instruction of EFT.  The Conscious Woman Healing from Birth Trauma Series is intended to introduce participants to a variety of healing modalities that have been shown to, or show promise in, assisting with the healing of trauma.  We assume that all of our participants take personal responsibility for their own healing process and for their well-being at all times.  EFT has shown fabulous results with trauma resolution in a variety of settings; however, note that neither Eileen Sullivan nor Conscious Woman, Inc. will assume responsibility if this practice does not yield the results you wish.