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Conscious Woman is committed to providing women with accurate, helpful information on methodologies that will assist them in addressing and healing traumatic childbirth experiences. This kind of healing requires a multifaceted approach, and one methodology alone is generally insufficient to overcome all of the issues that arise. The goal should always be to enable women to integrate their experience(s) into a new and improved sense of self.

Medical doctors in our society tend to provide women with antidepressants and ignore the underlying causes of postpartum depression and/or Traumatic Birth Syndrome (aka “Post-Traumatic Stress Responses”). Although medications may be useful in extreme life-threatening situations, in general they have limited utility, serving as a mere band-aid that cannot heal wounds that exist on many levels. Traumatic stress responses are often misdiagnosed as postpartum depression; although birth trauma can include depression as a symptom, it is much more than that.

Most therapists have little or no understanding of normal birth and its importance in establishing a healthy bond between mother and baby; they simply do not have the skills to properly treat postpartum depression because they fail to recognize one of its primary underlying causes.

At the physical level, many women live for years with sexual dysfunction and/or severe pain after cesarean surgery and/or episiotomies – ignored by care providers who are not knowledgeable in nor trained to address the aftermath of modern obstetric birth practices. Most wellness (complementary and alternative health care) providers, although well-intentioned, also have insufficient understanding of birth trauma and its underlying systemic issues. By failing to adapt their modalities to the unique needs of childbearing women, they rarely succeed in affecting the degree of healing that their patients require.

The Conscious Woman Healing from Birth Trauma resources consists of online resources, references and a selection of pre-recorded webinars by outstanding, experienced healers to the internet, each of whom  introduces their modality of choice and how it can be used to re-awaken, restore and enhance the conscious, empowered woman that resides in every one of us.

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Healing from Birth Trauma Resources

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Healing from Birth Trauma Pre-Recorded Programs

Moving From Pain to Peace with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), with Eileen Sullivan

Restoration: Treating Adhesions, with Tanya Tarail, PT, MsT, CST

Helping Children Find Resilience and Balance After Trauma, with Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.


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